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Horse energizer -10 km

A 1 joule energizer for fences of up to 10 km* which is ideal for a small to medium size paddocks.

Must be powered by one of the following Nemtek accessories,
- A 240 V to 12 V transformer - Agri Universal charger or,
- 12 Volt battery, (7Ah battery will give 2 days supply and the 55 Ah battery will give 17 days supply, when fully charged on average) or,
- Solar panel (10 watts) and a regulator (10Amp) and a 12 V battery (7Ah battery will give 2 days supply and the 55 Ah battery will give 17 days supply, when fully charged on average)

10 km* is the maximum for an ideal electric fence. As most fences are not ideal Nemtek recommends that this energizer is used for fences of up to 3.0 km with Nemtek's poly wires and ropes.


Power source: battery and solar panel or an external power supply 240 AC to 12 Vdc
APT - patented technology: Increases the voltage of the fence optimising the performance of the energizer.
Low power consumption at 7 watts
Programmable options via the LCD hand held remote - optional extra
•Adjustable fence operating voltage and pulse rate
• Independent day/night setting of fence voltage and pulse rate
• Accurate control of fence voltage over a wide range of fence conditions
• Fence voltage control between conventional and APT methods
• Battery charge state indication (green/charged, yellow/low, red/discharged)
• Nemtek Security Lock (deterrent against energizer theft)

Please contact us for stock availability and pricing on any Nemtek Equine & Pet products.

Stock Code Name
AE-A010J Energizer Agri 1J-10km (Batt/Mains)

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